Where to see my work

Wild chamomile now available to order from me or Selcouth Station


The Dirigible Ballon Jan – April 2022

Some of my children’s poems are available on this site! www.thedirigbleballoon.org

Carbon March 2022

In Carbon my debut collection available from me or Hedgehog Poetry Press

Indigo Dream Dawntreader Spring 2022

Borderlands Anthology November 2021

I have a poem in this anthology by the Borders Writers Forum. To purchase a copy please visit Amazon or click here.

Consilience Science and Art Journal October 2021

I have a poem in edition six of this great journal. Click here to view.

Indigo Dream Dawntreader October 2021

I have a flash fiction pieces in the Autumn edition of Dawntreader to buy a copy please see here.

Hair Raising Anthology

Please visit Nine Pens website here to buy this lovely book.

The Organic Poet July 2021


Green Ink Poetry Discovery


Selcouth Station March 2021 – June 2021 – two pieces of creative non-fiction/memoir



Selcouth Station March 2021


Eat the Storms Podcast Episode 3 Season 2

Dodging the Rain Jan 2021


One Hand Clapping Jan 2021


Green Ink Poetry Nov 2020 – SafeGuarding 1


Fragmented Voices – Farm Kittens https://fragmentedvoices.com/2020/10/28/farm-kittens-by-elisabeth-kelly/

The Honest Ulsterman Oct 2020 We Light Fires


Dreich ChapBook Lockdown Sept 2020 to purchase a copy please visit the publishers website https://hybriddreich.co.uk

Eyeflash Micro Pamphlet Break October 2020


Hedgehog Press Anthology Nov 2020

See Buy a Book page!

Hedgehog Press Halloween The House in the Forest Anthology 31 October 2020 available to purchase below

“The House in the Forest” – An Anthology (Print Edition)

Dreich Magazine Feb 2021

Foxglove online journal June 2020Before



Beyond Words Lit Magazine August 2020 reader

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