Macro worlds

I was inspired by Matt Doogue macro photography to look a bit closer at the small worlds on my doorstep. I found all sorts of wonderful wildflowers and grasses such as:

cow parsley, oxeye daisy, lesser spearwort, meadow vetchling, broom, sheep’s sorrel.

There is a debate in nature education about the naming of nature and whether its draws us nearer or divides us more deeply. The only thing I know for certain is the sound of some of these words felt good in my mouth. Like the wonderful Spell Songs and Lost Words by Robert McFarlane reconnecting with these words made me smile.

I haven’t even begun to explore the names of the grasses yet……

Starting out

A strange time that has given me some time. Time to refocus after ten years of hectic motherhood.

The dandelions were out in full bloom in Pikestane field, it seems like only last week their yellow sunshine faces were bobbling about in the wind. For the first year ever we picked them and tried to make dandelion syrup. A very labour intensive process- but you do end up with a very runny honey! Now they are fluff, already it seems everything has moved on a stage. And I am not sure we are ready in my bubble. Not ready at all to move to the next stage.

Dandelions on Pikestane Hill with dog lolloping around!